What Is The Normal Size Of A Vagina?

What Is The Normal Size Of A Vagina? Vagina Tightening Methods

What it is the normal size of the average vagina? Is your vagina to big or too small? What first needs to be established is what is viewed as normal? Without really knowing what normality in vagina sizes is, there is no way that you could know whether your vagina is of a natural size or not. Vagina size and vagina rejuvenation surgery are hot popular topics at present and are discussed on a regular basis in the media.

Vagina Normal Size?

Because of the wall of the vagina is stretchy the true size of the normality can never be measured. A lot of women believe that having a tighter vagina can bring you more pleasure during sexual acts. There is some truth in this because the tighter your vagina is, the more friction and pressure will be produced. However, the tighter vagina can also cause the woman and man a fair amount of discomfort. When the vagina is a relaxed state, the walls of the vagina collapse into each other, the diameter is less than an inch and the length of the vagina is around 3 1/2 to 4 inches. The size of the vagina changes when it is stimulated and ready for sexual intercourse. When this occurs, the diameter is uneven throughout the vaginal canal.

The vagina is narrowest at its opening and it becomes wider the deeper you go. A really rough rule of thumb is that the opening has an approximate size of 1 1/2 inches. When you get deeper it gets bigger and the deepest end generally has a diameter of around 2 1/2 inches. The vagina at the front has a length of 2 inches in the backend of the vagina is 3 inches, this gives us a total of about 6 inches give or take. When a woman gives birth. The vagina is able to stretch extensively and this can cause damage to the vaginal muscles. Many women look to Kegel exercises as a way to tighten up their vaginas after childbirth. This type of exercise can be extremely successful if done regularly and using a vaginal tightening gel like Intivar, will help spped up the process [link]

Women of all ages can suffer from the problem of feeling like their vagina is loose or slackened. The most common cause other than child birth for a loose vagina, is poor vaginal hygiene and or poor sexual health. If you are facing these issues, then there is no need to be embarrassed as the topics of vaginal health and vagina size are a common and regular topic amongst women.

Whereas childbirth is known to damage muscle tissue and alter the size of your vagina, there is a common misconception that having too much sex can also alter the size of your vagina. This is total rubbish, the matter how much sex you have it should never alter the size of your vagina or vulva.

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