Sore Vagina? There Is An Easy Solution

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Sore Vagina can be caused by a number of reasons, luckily most of these symptoms are easily treatable, so dont worry too much about it.

The vagina’s skin and surrounding skin tissue are very sensitive and a sore or itching vagina can be caused by a number of different factors. Treatment for a sore or itching vagina depends very much on the cause. It can be caused from sexual intercourse, menopause, perimenopause, infection and even female hygiene products. Some causes will require a trip to your doctor and medication, some will simple require a change in your vaginal hygiene. If you are experiencing bleeding, pain or vagina odor, then it is reccomended that you seek some proper medical advice. Don’t leave this, make an appointment as soon as you can.

Sore VaginaIt is well documented that certain chemicals can cause a sore vagina. These include certain female hygiene products, detergents and some fabric softners. It has also been documented that certain female rejuvenation gels or creams can also be the cause for irritation. If you regularly use one of these products, simply stop or change brands to see if this is the cause of your sore vagina problems.

The change or Menopause is often the cause for vaginal dryness and irritation. The female starts to produce less estrogen at this time which can impact of the amount of lubrication that the vagina is able to produce. This decrease in moisture can lead to irritation, itching and possibly a sore vagina.

You can easily counter alot of these symptoms with a vaginal gel like Intivar. Intivar is proven to increase lubrication naturally in the vagina. It is also made from completely natural ingredients which have no side effects like some other female gels and hygiene products. If you are suffering from a sore vagina, then Intivar may well be all that you need to rectify this irritation once and for all.

Author : Jackie HJ White

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