Kegel Exercises – How To Tighten Vagina


dry vagina pictureKegel Exercises are designed to help tone and strengthen the pubococcygeus muscles and your pelvic floor. When these so-called “sex muscles” are strengthened you will notice a whole host of benefits including an improvement in your sex life and a tighter vagina.

Kegels are usually used to prevent the pelvic floor muscles from deteriorating. This is useful for women who experience looseness in the vagina or a loss in bladder control.

These exercises have also been shown to enhance the female libido and to improve sex.

Because the exercises strengthen the pubococcygeus muscles which tighten when a woman experiences orgasm. It has been shown that the stronger your muscles are in the vagina, the more chance of having multiple orgasms It has also been reported that many women actually reach orgasm for the first time after having done kegel exercises.

There are also great sexual benefits for your partner – the tightening of the vagina, will give your man even more pleasure and excitement.

So How To Do A Kegel Exercises?

First things first, you need to locate your pubococcygeus muscles. the next time that you go for a pee find your pelvic muscles by controlling the flow of your pee. Start stop it.. If you can. It is these muscles that we will look to train.

According to WebMD should feel the sensation of your uretha and anus being squeezed.

Okay, so now that we have identified the muscles. It is worth noting that these exercises shouldn’t be done with a full bladder. You may actually increase your problems by only practising this on the toilet. You run the risk of increasing your chance of getting a urinary tract infection so make sure you empty your bladder before performing the exercises.

The great thing about these exercises is that they can be performed standing, sitting, or lying down. Just practice tightening your pelvic muscles and hold this for about three seconds , then release. You want to slowly build the time that you keep the muscles tight to about 10 or so seconds. You should also rest for about 10 seconds in between each of these repetitions.

If you do a good 10 or 15 repetitions of the above, three times a day, in a few weeks you will see some fantastic results. The key is to stay motivated.
The great thing about these exercises is that anyone can do them and they can be done without anyone noticing. It has been suggested that they can be done during some sporting activities or even during your drive to work.

So When Do I See My Tighter Vagina?

The key is to make sure your maintain your routine. This is the trickiest part because it is all too easy to give up when the results are not instantaneous. If you do your repetitions every day you may well see results in weeks rather than months but in order to keep motivated it is advised that you use a vaginal tightening gel as well.

This will give you an instant tightening sensation but will also be good for the overall health and tightness of your vagina.

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