Dry Vagina Problems? How To Treat Vagina Dryness

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reasons for vagina dryness pictureVagina dryness or an itchy vagina isnt something that requires any immediate serious medical attention however, it can be extremely irritating and can cause anxiety in women. Vaginal dryness is more common in older women but it can also affect women of any age. It can have serious effects on your sex life and can also cause a loss of libido. These days it is possible to cure your dry vagina and to restore its lubrication and overall health with ease.

What Are The Causes Of A Dry Vagina

Vaginal dryness is often caused by low levels of estrogen in the body. It is very common for this to happen just before, during and after menopause. The other frequent causes for a dry vagina are rough intercourse, certain tampons and female hygiene products that may contain alchohol or dyes. Stress and certain medications have also been found to cause vaginal dryness in women.

Do I need To Worry About My Dry Vagina?

The vagina is probably the most sensitive and delicate part of a woman. The vagina needs to have a certain amount of lubrication in order to function correctly. Of course your vagina will still function normally without enough moisture, but not having that wetness can make everyday activities (like having sex or inserting a tampon) pretty unpleasant.

Any skin on the body that is dry becomes itchy at some point, the exact same goes for the vagina and this itching can drive you mad. Going to the toilet can also become extremely unpleasant, its common for women to experience burning sensations whilst urinating.

How To Cure A Dry Vagina

The very best treatments for a dry vagina are made from natural ingredients. If you drink lots of water, this will also help. You should look to be drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. This will keep your body hydrated the way it should be. Intivar Female Renewal Gel is a great alternative option. The gel is an all natural way of lubricating the vagina and great way to look after your vaginal health.

dry vaginaIntivar also produces an almost immediate tightening sensation in the vagina. If you have gone through menopause or have had several children, you may have issues with you vagina having become loose. This loosening can also be the cause for a dry vagina.

The Results

You will not believe how much better you will feel after you have treated you dry vagina. The day to day irritation will have gone and you will start to enjoy sex again! Intivar Female renewal gel is a great way to keep your vagina healthy and also to alleviate discomfort during sexual intercourse. Used on a regular basis, Intivar will take care of your vaginal health and sex life.

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Author: Jackie HJ White